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ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style

ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style

XINGFA are rich in production experience of ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style corrugated plastic roofing sheets, we continues to improve and adjust product formulas, so that our ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style PVC roof tiles have always maintained high quality and already have a competitive price.
ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style

Product Description

High quality ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style pvc roof tiles are suitable for all types of construction such as residential homes, market, stores, workshop,and so on due to their unique features and outstanding advantages.

Model Spanish 1050 
Thickness 2.3mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm
Width 1050 mm
Effective Width 960 mm
Length Customized  (11.607m is the max for the 40'GP, 5.694m is the max for the 20'GP)
Color Brick red, Blue, Green, Grey, Brown,or customized.
Quantity (27tons/container) 2.3 mm 2.5 mm 3.0 mm
5700 ㎡ 5400 ㎡ 4500㎡

1.Corrosion resistance of acid and alkali: ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style pvc plastic corrugated roofing is over three times more than the life of zinc plate.

2, Weather resistance: Anti-UV agent in the material can be really against the UV with long lifetime .

3, Fire resistance: ASA Synthetic Resin Spanish style pvc roof panels belongs to the nonflammable material.

4, Green and environment friendly: Without any asbestos and radioactive element.

5, Portability: Fast installation and easy transportation.

6, Toughness: Excellent impact and tension resistance, hard to be fractured.

7, Insulation: ASA Synthetic Resin Roof tile Spanish style pvc corrugated roofing sheets has excellent electrical insulation properties.

8, Heat insulation: The composite core layer structure can reduce the thermal conductivity and improve the heat insulation performance.

9, Sound insulation: It can effectively reduce the rain impact noise, over 30db of zinc iron roof tile in noise reduction .

1. What is the life guarantee of your pvc spanish roof tiles?

1). ASA/PVC & Synthetic Resin Roof Tile 25 years.
2). APVC Roof Tile 15 years.
3). UPVC Roof Tile 10 years.

2. Does your pvc spanish roof tile fireproof?

Our main raw material is PVC, it is fire retard-en material, the fireproof performance is ≥ B1 level.

3. When is your delivery time

About 15 days for one container (20’ or 40’) after deposit.

4. Package

1). Nude package.
2). We can customized packing for our clients.

5. Can you give me a quotation?

Please provide the following information for quote:
1). Modal of the product
2). Width
3). Length
4). Thickness
5). Color
6). Order of quantity
7) Please provide Drawing plans

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